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Materials + Daylighting Lab

The Materials + Daylighting Lab is a resource in the College of Built Environments that provides access to a diverse collection of building materials and construction assembly mock-ups, in addition to enabling daylighting simulations of design projects. The goal of the Materials + Daylighting Lab is to engage students with exploring the potential sustainability of design in terms of alternative materials, building envelope assemblies, construction systems, and daylighting conditions through which their work will be one day be realized. The newest additions to the Lab are the overcast sky box and heliodon, donated by the Integrated Design Lab (IDL) for student use.

The Materials + Daylighting Lab is coordinated by Professor of Architecture Jim Nicholls and employs students from the College of Built Environments and the IDL through the Work Study program to manage the materials collection and operate the daylighting equipment.  The Materials + Daylighting Lab is constantly expanding its collection of new and innovative building and landscape materials, and appreciates suggestions from students and faculty regarding new acquisitions. Faculty and students are encouraged to use this resource to enhance environmental responsiveness of projects.