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Committees + Governance


The College of Built Environments is guided by several active committees that help guide and shape the direction of the college. These include the BE Executive Committee, BE College Council, BE Staff Council, BE Student Council, and department/unit/center based councils.

BE Bylaws

BE Executive Committee

The BE Executive Committee is made up of the leadership of the College of Built Environments comprised of the dean, associate deans, chairs of each department, key college staff, and a representative from the BE Staff Council. The committee meets several times per quarter and is staffed by Susanne Adamson (

BE Executive Committee 2015-16 Roster:

John Schaufelberger, Dean
Jeffery Ochsner, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Marina Alberti, Associate Dean for Research
Kimo Griggs, Associate Dean for Technology Transfer
Brian McLaren, Chair, Department of Architecture
Bill Bender, Chair, Department of Construction Management
Jeffrey Hou, Chair, Department of Landscape Architecture
Julie Johnson, Interim Chair (Fall 2015), Department of Landscape Architecture
Chris Campbell, Chair, Department of Urban Design and Planning
Peter Orser, Director, Runstad Center for Real Estate Studies
Edgar Gonzalez, Assistant Dean for Advancement and External Relations
Abigail Crossen, Assistant Dean for College Affairs
Rachel Ward, Assistant Dean for Budget and Planning
Mark Baratta, Director, Computing Services
Larissa Maziak, Staff Council Rep (Fall 2015)
Katherine McDermott, Staff Council Rep (Winter 2016)
Kelly Hostetler, Staff Council Rep (Spring 2016)

BE College Council

Colleges and Schools at the University of Washington have elected faculty councils that share in academic governance.  The CBE College Council is made up of members elected by the facilities of the four departments.  Departments have one representative for each fifteen permanent faculty members on their roster;  currently there are five members as follows:  Architecture – 2;  Construction Management – 1;  Landscape Architecture – 1;  Urban Design & Panning – 1.

BE College Council 2015-16 Roster:

Iain Robertson, Chair, Landscape Architecture
Kamran Nemati, Construction Management (sitting in for Yong-Woo Kim on sabbatical)
Manish Chalana, Urban Design and Planning
Mehlika Inanici, Architecture
Vikram Prakash, Architecture (sitting in for Rob Corser on sabbatical/Rome)

BE Student Council

The BE Student Council is made up of 13 members including one Chair and one Co-Chair (elected from the previous years council members), two individuals (one undergraduate and one graduate) from each of the College’s four departments, one from each of the College’s two Ph.D. programs, and one from the college based MSRE (Real Estate) program.

Mission: The BESC, serving the University of Washington College of the Built Environments, is committed to facilitating interdisciplinarity; to gathering, formulating, and articulating student interests and concerns from within each College department and doctoral program; and to communicating, through a unified representational voice, to College faculty, administration and staff, and to the greater UW community. The BESC also serves as an official liaison between the larger student body and College administration, providing a means of communication and cooperation on issues and policy-making deemed by either party to be relevant to student life and academic experience.  *This mission statement was developed by the volunteer BE-SC planning group (students and administrators) as a starting point for forming the Council and amended by the Inaugural Council in 2012-13 and further clarified by the 2013-14 Committee*

For questions, more information, or to reach out to members of the BESC, please email To stay current on BESC events, join us online through Facebook at

BE Staff Council

The BE Staff Council is made up of representatives from each academic department, the college office, and two at-large members elected from the full staff. The Council was created to provide College of Built Environments staff with a forum to discuss and bring ideas and concerns forward to the dean. Meetings are typically held on the third Thursday of each month (11 am, BE Faculty/Staff Lounge) Each year the council creates professional development and social opportunities for the staff across the college. They also manage the awarding of the annual “Distinguished Staff Award”

Our meetings are now the Second Tuesday of the month at 10:30am.
Staff Council Minutes can be found here on GoogleDrive.
Any questions/comments/concerns can be addressed to

BE Staff Council 2015-16 Roster:

Katherine McDermott, Chair, Construction Management
Nancy Dragun, Architecture
Vanessa Lee, Landscape Architecture
Larissa Maziak, Urban Design and Planning
Ross McKenzie, Dean’s Office – College
Kelly Hostetler, Urban Design and Planning (At-large Member)
Shanna Sukol, Architecture (At-large Member)