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BE Certificates

Interdisciplinary Certificates

The University of Washington’s College of Built Environments has two interdisciplinary certificate programs available to students offered in the areas of Historic Preservation or Urban Design.

Students enrolled in the Bachelors in Landscape Architecture, Masters of Architecture, Masters of Landscape Architecture, Masters in Urban Planning, Interdisciplinary Ph.D in Urban Design & Planning, and the Ph.D in the Built Environment may choose to focus their courses in the areas of Historic Preservation or Urban Design, and may earn a certificate awarded by the College in one (or both) of these interdisciplinary programs while pursuing their professional degree.

Admission to the Historic Preservation Certificate Program

The program is open to students who have been accepted into a professional or doctoral program in the College of Built Environments. Application should be made for admission to a degree program within the College. Once accepted to a participating College program, a separate Statement of Interest form is required for students to notify the Historic Preservation Program Coordinator of their intention to pursue the Certificate and to complete the requirements. Ideally, application should be made within the first two weeks of classes for the two-year degree programs, and by the end of the first year of three-year programs.

Procedures for application to the graduate degree programs are detailed in individual departmental prospectuses. Applicants intending to pursue the Certificate in Historic Preservation are also encouraged to contact the program office for further information.

Admission to the Urban Design Certificate Program

Candidates for the Certificate in Urban Design typically have a physical design background, and hold an approved undergraduate degree in architecture, landscape architecture, environmental design, or urban planning with a design emphasis. Alternatively, an equivalent background may be obtained during residency in the College. Courses are available to help students develop design awareness and basic skills in conceptualization and integration skills, including coursework in graphics and communication techniques and introductory studios. Applicants without sufficient design background should anticipate spending additional time (one to three quarters) at the University of Washington. Candidates without physical design skills may, in unusual circumstances, be awarded the Certificate of Achievement in Urban Design where a specialized program of advanced study in urban design (research, history, law and implementation, urban development) has been approved by the urban design faculty.

Upon acceptance in participating College programs, students interested in obtaining a Certificate in Urban Design must complete a Statement of Interest for the Program. Ideally, this should be done during the first week of instruction of the two-year programs or any time during the first year of the three-year programs.