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About BE

At the UW College of Built Environments (CBE) we value the traditions of design and community building. We do this with a conscious perspective of positively advancing social and technological change. Our unique gathering of disciplines—architecture, construction management, landscape architecture, real estate, and urban design and planning—provides a unique advantage and enables the College to truly define and excel in all areas of built environments. We believe in programs that meet the complex interconnected physical, cultural, and ecological systems in which we live, work and play.

The impact of our faculty and students is profound – and is a result of our five disciplines working together to solve the significant challenges our world faces. Using Seattle and the surrounding Puget Sound metropolitan area as our living laboratory, our 62 faculty members support 850 students studying in 19 degree programs. Home to six research labs and four research centers, we join forces with non-profit groups, government agencies, schools, and development experts on research projects and find solutions to our communities growing needs and changing dynamics. As a result, the CBE community has a significant impact on our region’s future. Our thousands of graduates reflect our values and practice when they launch into their careers, meeting in the work place to collaborate as professionals in every sector of the built environment.

University of Washington
The College of Built Environments is part of one of the country’s most innovative and forward thinking research based universities. Ranked as one of the top 15 universities in the world, CBE is part of UW’s united community, dedicated to working for the public good. UW’s support for innovation and collaboration allows CBE faculty and students to reach across campus and partner with peers in education, policy, environment, law, social work, business, public health, and engineering. Meaning, we can be an active driver for tangible change related to the preservation and growth of our community.