Registration Autumn 2018

Program Schedule and Location

Program sessions run Tuesdays 3:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time.

Additional  hands-on  training  tutorials  are  offered  (simultaneously online and at our Sandpoint facility)  each  Thursday  from  3:00  –  4:00  pm  (PST).

Course may be taken 100% online or students may participate in person at the CERC Sandpoint facility, with onsite Teaching Assistant:

Center for Education and Research in Construction 
7543 63rd Ave NE
Magnusson Park, Building 5, Bay B
Seattle, Washington 98115
United States

Registration Details: CERC/UW ( or  206-616-3389
Curriculum Questions: Catherine Rose, Skanska  <>

Program Description

The  rapid  adoption  of  Building  Information  Modeling  (BIM)  in  the  construction  industry  has  led  to  a  strong  demand  for  construction  management  professionals  who  can  leverage  the  many  benefits  of  BIM  on  their  projects.  This  extended  learning  program  is  intended  to  compliment  the  professional  degrees  offered  by  the  University  of  Washington  by  helping  construction  managers  take  an  active  role  in  the  BIM  process.  The  certificate  program  will  take  advantage  of  a  blended  delivery  approach  to  allow  the  program  to  be  as  accessible  as  possible  for  working  professionals  to  attend,  including  those  outside  the  Seattle  area.  The  key  differentiator  of  this  program  from  other  BIM  education  programs  available  today  is  the  focus  on  applied  BIM  skills.  It  is  our  intent  that  attendees  will  leave  this  program  with  tangible  BIM  software  skills  and  an  understanding  of  work  processes,  as  well  as  enough  industry  context  to  decide  why  and  how  to  leverage  these  capabilities.

For complete details on the BIM Certificate, please see our overview page.

Withdrawal and Refund

All request for withdrawal must be received in writing via email. For this program, please email CERC at We will honor tuition refunds to participants according to the following schedule (application fees are non-refundable)

  • 30 days before the program start date – 100% refund of program fee for withdrawal 
  • 15 to 29 days before the program start date – 50% refund of program fee for withdrawal
  • 1 to 14 days before the program start date – No refund for withdrawal
    After program begins – No refund for withdrawal

If the program is canceled, the College of Built Environments will refund the program fee in full, but is not responsible for travel, accommodations, or other expenses incurred by the participant.

Privacy Policy

Information uploaded to this site will be used for BIM Certificate applicant review and payment purposes only. The material will not be used for any commercial purposes. The email address provided will be used strictly for communication about the BIM Certificate and related educational programs.