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Rooms + Equipment

Room Reservation and Rental Info

BE allows reservation of certain rooms in Gould and Architecture Halls. To check availability and other information for these rooms, please go to the Room Calendars + Info page.

All other rooms in these buildings are managed by UW Room Assignments.

After checking availability for BE-managed rooms, complete the Room Reservations online form. Note, your reservation is not complete unless you receive an email confirmation.

Priority for BE classrooms are as follows:

  1. BE classes & instruction
  2. BE officially sanctioned events
  3. BE department events
  4. BE student requests
  5. Outside department requests
  6. Off campus customer rentals

Although specific classrooms may be requested, requests will be weighted to assure that each room’s capacity and equipment is fully utilized. No BE department or faculty member has priority over another.

If a room is reserved by a department, student, or outside department and confirmation is received, please note that it might be necessary to amend your request to accommodate BE classes, instruction or official events. Every effort will be made to keep your reservation, however, occasionally, a change in room assignment may be necessary. On these rare occasions, BE will attempt to make all parties aware of the conflict as quickly as possible and offer an equitable solution.


Rooms reserved for classes listed in the UW Time Schedule will be reserved for the ten week instruction period as well as the corresponding final time. Please notify BE if you will not need the time designated for your final.

Special Events

Prior to your scheduled event, it is the responsibility of the requestor to determine whether an alcohol or food permit is required. Please note that you need to have a UW NetID to request a food permit. Deliver these forms to the Dean’s Office (224 Gould) for college/building authorization.

Computer Lab

Students wishing to reserve a computer lab will need a faculty sponsor, and the reservation request should originate from that faculty sponsor.

BE Pinup/Review Space (Architecture Hall G042, 250)

Architecture Hall G042 and 250 are designated rooms for pinup and review (exhibits should use Gould Court and walls). The scheduling of classes or other repeating events in these spaces is discouraged during studio time.

For week ten through finals week, these spaces are assigned to the Department of Architecture for class reviews. All scheduling requests for these two weeks are to be directed to Shanna Sukol in the Architecture Department office (

BE Conference Room (Gould 227)

The College of Built Environments is pleased to make available the BE Conference room in support of the administrative and academic life of the college. It is the goal of the BE Dean’s office to more discretely monitor this asset, relative to other college rooms, therefore this calendar is off-line. Email for availability. The phone number for Gould 227 is 206-543-0159.

Gould Court

A reservation for the court includes the floor west of the stairs, 50 chairs (obtain key from 224 Gould), stage, rolling walls, cubes and the western walls. A portable sound system is available for BE use and may be requested through the equipment reservation page. Your court reservation does not include tables, podium, or other amenities. If these items are desired, please make arrangements with a rental company. There is no storage area for these items and they cannot remain on the court outside the reservation period. The four other walls (central and east) are also available to reserve separately.

The Buzz Coffee Shop

The Buzz Coffee Shop occupies Gould’s east court. When the coffee shop is open, this area and its tables and chairs are designated for patron use and are not able to be reserved. Any formal use of this space when the coffee shop is closed should be coordinated with Meegan Amen ( As a self-sustaining business, the coffee shop and its amenities (ice machine and refrigerator) are not available for use.

Gould Lawn & Varey Garden

The Varey Garden (grassy knoll) and north lawn are available for reservation through the BE room calendar. These exterior spaces are not accessible through BE rooms (Gould 102, 110, 114 and 142) unless those rooms are reserved separately. The exterior doors in these rooms will alarm after 5:00 pm if left open: if you are reserving both spaces for an evening event please make arrangements with the College to extend the exterior door alarm hours. Classroom furniture is not to be brought outside.

Off-Campus Customer Rentals

Rental Rates: $200/hour/reservation or $1,000 per day.

A deposit or purchase order must accompany your completed Use of University Facilities (UUF) form. The deposit fee is $200.00 for each individual reservation. Your deposit will be applied to your rental charges. For complete details regarding BE rental policies, please contact BE Facilities Coordinator Meegan Amen (

Equipment Reservation Info

The College has two Windows laptops, four projectors, a digital camera, and miscellaneous adapters, speakers, and remote presenters available for reservation by BE faculty and staff.

To request an equipment reservation for items in the faculty loaner pool, please complete the Equipment Reservations online form. Note, your reservation is not complete unless you receive an email confirmation.

Please note that this equipment is intended to support BE course-related activity only. You may pick up and return equipment from the Help Desk in the Gould Hall Digital Commons during normal business hours. Special drop-off arrangements (e.g. if your lecture will extend beyond normal business hours) must be made in advance.

BE students may borrow projectors, laptops, and other equipment from the Built Environments Library (Gould 334). The library has a substantial pool of equipment available for loan to BE students through the Student Loaner Program.

The VRC (Visual Resources Collection, Gould 330) has the following equipment available to faculty for circulation:

  • 35mm slide projectors
  • 35mm slide carousels
  • extension cords
  • portable projection screens
  • sound meters
  • light boxes
  • Logan slide sorters
  • a Testrite copystand (no lights)