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Student Info

Please see the Curriculum page for information about courses and requirements.

Historic Preservation Quarterly Course Lists

Advising Help

Neile Graham is the adviser for the program. She's available for drop-in or set appointments during her office hours in Gould 410L mornings, or email her. If necessary, she will refer you to the appropriate faculty member.

Signing Up For The Certificate

If you want to sign up formally for the certificate, the Statement of Interest form is available on paper from Neile's office in Gould 410L or is downloadable as a DOCX file or a fillable PDF. You just need to turn this in to the office or Neile’s 410 mailbox and you’re in the program. If you decide later that you won’t complete the certificate, just let us know.

Thesis/Capstone/Professional Projects

The certificate requires you to have a preservation component to your thesis/capstone/professional project which an historic preservation faculty member must supervise and when possible act as chair. Here is a list of previous Historic Preservation Certificate theses and projects.

Historic Preservation Program Faculty

Note: following faculty names are the departments the faculty member is able to chair and advise theses/capstone/professional projects in.


If you have questions, please e-mail:, or check the Frequently Asked Questions page.