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Academic Advising

Current and prospective CBE students are encouraged to meet with our academic advisers. Each department has a dedicated team available to discuss:

  • Admissions qualifications, deadlines, academic planning, and dual degree programs
  • Prerequisite and transfer credits
  • Financial aid, scholarships, special circumstances, college and university resources, and graduation
  • Study abroad, internship and career planning
  • Exploring academic interests and developing a sense of purpose through your education

Adviser Contacts and Availability

Advisers keep office hours in their individual departments and are happy to schedule individual appointments. Prior to reaching out to an adviser, we encourage students to explore our departments, degree programs, and applications requirements and prepare questions before your appointment. 

Find Your Adviser

Undergraduate Degrees

Kim Sawada
Department of Architecture
Gould Hall, Office 123

Explore Undergraduate Architecture and Architecture Design Degrees

Bill Bender
Architecture Hall,
Department of Construction Management Office

Explore Construction Management Degrees

JoAnne Edwards

Gould Hall – Department of Landscape Architecture 
Explore Undergraduate Degrees

Megan Herzog
Gould Hall, Room 410

Explore the CEP major

Graduate Degrees

Claudine Manio, Architecture
Department of Architecture
Gould Hall, Office 123

Explore Master of Architecture and Architecture Science Degrees 

Katherine McDermott, Construction Management
Architecture Hall – Room 120

Diana Siembor, Urban Design and Planning
Gould Hall – Room 410
Explore the Master of Urban Planning Degree

Karen Fishler, Professional and Continuing Education
Explore the Master of Infrastructure Planning and Management (online degree program)

Melissa Best, Real Estate Studies
Gould Hall – Room 424

Explore the Master of Science in Real Estate Studies program

Ph.D. Programs

Neile Graham, BE Ph.D.
Gould Hall – Room 410L

Explore our Ph.D. programs

Jean Rogers, Interdisciplinary Ph.D. Program in Urban Design and Planning
Loew Hall – Office 311

Certificate Programs

Neile Graham, Certificate programs
Historic Preservation Program –
Urban Design Program –
Gould Hall – Room 410L

Explore our Certificate programs in Historic Preservation and Urban

Professional + Continuing Education Certificates

Construction, Real Estate & Sustainability

University Financial Aid Resources

Student Financial Aid
UW Dream Project
Student Budgeting
International Student Services
Graduate Funding Information Service
Study Abroad